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About Value Plus Mobile

Powered by America’s largest national wireless network, Value Plus Mobile is on a mission to give Americans the cheapest cellular rates on the market, without compromising quality. No contracts, no commitments, crystal clear call quality, and the lowest cellular rate plans are available now from Value Plus Mobile. Start saving today!
Remember when your phone was just a phone? We realize many consumers don’t care to use or pay for expensive data plans or email. Many responsible Americans do not use their phones while driving, reserving their computing needs for when they are actually in front of a computer. These people want reliable and affordable cellular service that can be used for emergencies, directions, and important or necessary calls. With Value Plus Mobile, there is finally a national cellular provider able to provide reliable nationwide coverage coupled with inexpensive, budget-conscious rate plans.

Value Plus Mobile is NOT a pre-paid service. We are a traditional post-paid cellular service. We don’t require payment in advance. We bill you monthly for your service; you get to see your calls and review your bill before you make a payment.

Value Plus Mobile is driven by a management team comprised of seasoned wireless industry professionals who have been leaders in cellular service for nearly three decades. We know what the mainstream national carriers offer, and we know we can do it better, cheaper, and with real VALUE – that’s Value Plus Mobile.