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Nationwide Cellular Coverage Map

Value Plus Cellular Coverage Map is built around the largest cellular network available in the United States. The Cellular Coverage Map above uses CDMA technology, designed for the best call quality and virtually no dropped calls. The U.S. Cellular Coverage Map includes All 50 States; All of our plans and minutes are free of roaming and long distance charges. All you get is a Reliable Cellular Coverage Map with no surprise charges and the most places to use your phone in the United States.


Coverage Map


Value Plus Cellular Coverage is offered in conjunction with the lowest cellular rates on the market, no contracts, and a risk-free guarantee. Value Plus Mobile challenges you to drive our coverage area for 30 days, side by side with phones from providers that claim to have the Top U.S. Cellular Coverage; you will find that Value Plus Mobile works in all the places, near and far, that even the most expensive cellular carriers do. If you are not 100% satisfied, return your phone in the first 30 days / 30 minutes and receive a FULL REFUND. That’s how sure we are that you will be satisfied. Why pay more for cellular coverage, when you can get more coverage for less at Value Plus?


Value Plus Cellular Coverage Map is offered to you at a reasonable price, with no contracts, no cancellation fees and no hassles. We offer only the best cellular coverage with the lowest cellular rates…That’s what we call VALUE + PLUS! Click below to start your order and select one of the lowest rate plans on the cellular market today!