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Value + Emergency Cell Phone Plans

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Minutes Included Per Month

30 Anytime

Value + Emergency Cell Phone Plans


Finally an Affordable Emergency Cell Phone Plan that’s JUST RIGHT.

Value Plus Mobile's emergency cell phone plans provide you peace of mind. If your car breaks down, you have a medical emergency or if you’re just lost and need directions, the VALUE + EMERGENCY Cell Phone Plan fits the bill.


At $5.99, the lowest emergency cell phone plan on the market, the Value + Emergency Plan can really help you out of a jam.


With Value Plus Mobile’s $5.99 emergency cell phone plan, you now have the convenience of having a mobile phone without the high monthly expenses associated with cellular rates. Furthermore, when you do have a pressing emergency you won’t pay an excessive overage rate if you do actually need to use some minutes in your time of need. Introducing the VALUE + EMERGENCY Cell Phone Plan. Sign Up Today!


Get 30 Anytime Minutes Nationwide and Pay only $5.99 Per Month

Additional Information

Additional Time 22ยข/minute
Nationwide Coverage Yes
No Contract Yes
Minutes Anytime 30
Minutes Nights & Weekends No
Activation Fee $35.00 - Standard (1) One Time Fee